University of Gwadar Commemorates Pakistan Day with Special Event

  • 23 Mar, 2024


The University of Gwadar proudly celebrated Pakistan Day at the university's main seminar hall. The event honored the historic significance of Pakistan's journey towards independence and unity.

The highlight of the ceremony was the distinguished presence of the Pro Vice-Chancellor University of Gwadar Prof. Dr. Manzoor Ahmed, Deputy Commandant of the 44 Brigade of Pakistan Army, Colonial Shoaib Ahmed, who graced the occasion as Chief Guest. Their presence added a profound sense of honor and reverence to the commemoration.

Controller Examination UG Dr. Rahim Bakhsh Mehr, Registrar UG Dolat Khan, Dean Faculty of Social Sciences Prof Dr Jan Muhammad, Principal Government Degree College Gwadar Prof. Zaheer Ahmed, Chairpersons of Department of University, Lecturers of the Govt Degree College Gwadar, Principal Oxford English School, Students from university, colleges and schools participated actively in the event.

Students from university, Colleges, and Schools delivered impassioned speeches that reflected upon the significance of Pakistan Day and its enduring legacy. Their eloquent presentations highlighted the importance of unity, resilience, and patriotism in shaping the future of Pakistan.

In his address, Deputy Commandant 44 brigade of the Pakistan Army, Colonial Shoaib Ahmed praised the University of Gwadar for organizing such a meaningful event to mark Pakistan Day. He emphasized the pivotal role of the youth in upholding the values of democracy, peace, and progress, urging them to contribute actively to the nation's development.

Pro Vice-Chancellor of UG Prof Dr Syed Manzoor Ahmed expressed his gratitude to all attendees for their enthusiastic participation in the event. He reiterated the university's commitment to fostering a spirit of national pride, academic excellence, and community engagement among its students.

Dean Faculty of Social Sciences Prof Dr. Jan Muhammad while expressing his views said that Pakistan Day is celebrated to remember the sacrifices of the founders of the country and the resilience of the Pakistani people. He emphasized the dedication of the students to inculcate the values of patriotism and make the youth responsible citizens and future leaders.

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