Our vision is to be the institute of choice for higher learning and to be a melting pot for a distinctive educational experience that combines traditional with contemporary and ensures access to quality education for the farthest reaches of the country with a state-of-the-art education system.


The mission of the University of Gwader (UG) is to be the leading university in the country and excel as a one-stop repository of research and development by distinguishing itself through innovation in modern pedagogy and the provision of world-class education. To be the first university in Balochistan that reflects an international range in its courses and program design.

Vice Chancellor's Message

Thank you for choosing the University of Gwadar for your higher studies. In fact, in the modern era advanced knowledge is the most important contributor to professional and economic development. The University of Turbat was established through a charter issued by the Governor Balochistan on May 28th, 2012. UoT is the second general highest seat of learning in the public sector in Balochistan having noble task to provide higher education to the people of Mekran Division which is 1/5th of the entire area of the province. The people of Gwadar are keen to achieve higher education; in the past, to seek higher education at their doorsteps has remained a dream of the people of Gwadar. The dream by the people of Gwadar to acquire higher education at their door steps was converted into veracity when University of Gwadar established. The University of Gwadar at Gwadar is in its preliminary phase of establishment Being the first and founder Vice Chancellor of University of Gwadar I welcome the students from Gwadar and neighboring districts with the expectations that their stay would be worthwhile for the region and their own future career. Education of the modern times hinges around creativity, skill-development and innovation. It is need of the hour that the academic degrees should be supplemented with the value addition of innovative approach, creative mindset and practical knowledge.

Prof. Dr. Abdul Razzaq Sabir (TI)

Welcome To University of Gwadar


The library has a large collection of books, reference materials, research journals, magazines, and periodicals.

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Books & Library
Computer Labs

The lab equipped with thirty Core i7 PC’s , Projector, Interactive board and video-audio system.

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Computer Labs

Two hostels for boys and girls with all basic needs and comfort in the campus and also the transportaion

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Latest News & Event


Two Students from Gwadar University Shine at the Digital Media Businesses Conference in Karachi.



Governor Balochistan Calls for Immediate Research on Blue Economy and Marine Tourism by the University of Gwadar.



Shandong Institute of Commerce and Technology Hosted Opening Ceremony for Pakistan-China Technical and Vocational Institute Local Instructor Training Program.



Six Faculty members from PCTVI, Gwadar University, Join SICT, China, for a Six-Month Training Program.





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Our Testimonial

It's an incredible privilege to study at the University of Gwadar, and I am currently pursuing a M.Phil. from the Iqra University of Karachi. I have spent my golden four years at the university, learning from scholars and enhancing my communication skills. I encourage all knowledge seekers and learners in the area to join the university and contribute to the change.

Waleed Wafa - University Alumni

I am working as lab assistant at the University of Gwadar, where I have grown from an introverted girl to a confident individual. I am grateful to the University of Gwadar for their support, and I believe that it provided comprehensive guidance and a solid foundation for my career. I recommend the University of Gwadar for anyone looking to excel in their career.

Jaweria Nabi Bakhshs- University Alumna

I’m really honored to be part of one of the most prestigious university in balochistan. University of Gwadar is one of those institutions where you not only learn skills regarding your field but it also enables the students to learn skills and abilities which help them in their professional and social life

Fatima - University Alumna

I am Coming to the University was a crucial realm of my educational career. It is one of the most prestigious institutes not only in the Mekran region but also in the rest of Balochistan province. University of Gwadar is an oasis in the desert of hopelessness for the people of Gwadar and its enclosing regions.

Imran Ishaque - University Alumni

My name is Tanveer Hussain and I have completed BBA from the campus .It is an honor for me to be the first batch of institution which is now University of Gwadar. In those four years I have learnt alot from my teachers.

Tanveer Hussain- University Alumni

Feel proud be an alumnae of Department of Commerce UoT Gwadar Campus, from where my educational career got a straight and successful journey. I have not only learnt professional skills but I felt a huge difference in my personality during my two years educational journey.

Khalida Syed Baksh- University Alumna

Being enrolled in university of Turbat (Gwadar Campus) was the best decision of my life until now. This institute didn’t just shape me in new ways but also through its experienced staff and lecturers I now vision opportunities from a different perspective. In UoT Gwadar Campus, I spent a worth living life through which I discovered my real strength and worked on those features that have always helped me to be unique in my academic career. The diverse team of faculties have always influenced to think differently and identify what differences I can make by utilizing my potentials that can lead me to focus on the objectives which I dream to be in near Future. University of Turbat (Gwadar Campus) was not just an institution but a home for me because I met everyone like a family in terms of caring team of faculty members and a group of cooperative students during my entire educational life. The courses were not just taught but practically implemented by the teachers in terms of different academic and extracurricular activities the polished as well as enhanced the qualities of students. I am currently working as an Auditor in Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Gwadar Airport and It feels me proud of being an alumni of this prestigious institute and pray this institute keeps enlightening students with bright future and Reshaping our coming generation to meet the challenging future.

Amber Bakhtiar - University Alumna

My journey in University of Gwadar has been incredibly amazing. The university has taught me no matter what happened, I had the peace of mind knowing that all of the chatter, the name-calling, the doubts all of it was just noise. it did not define me, it didn’t change who I was and most importantly, it couldn’t hold me back. I will always be grateful for being part of this university. The university has taught me how to be good at Networking and how it will help me in the future. The other thing I’m grateful that I learned from university is having good Communication skills. I’m thankful to all my instructors who whole-heartedly contributed to my success in Graduation.

Hunaiza Ghulab - University Alumni
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