The annual Sports Week of the University of Gwadar held from March 21, 2022, to March 25, 2022

  • 28 Mar, 2022

The opening ceremony was organized by the Directorate of Sport and inaugurated by Mr. Dolat Khan, registrar, of the University of Gwadar. All heads of departments, faculty members, At the ceremony, administrative staff, students, and a large number of spectators attended.
Addressing this precious occasion, Mr. Dolat Khan, Registrar UG, said, "The University of Gwadar is organizing its first sports week. Sports are extremely important for both the physical and mental health of students. The extracurricular and co-curriculum activities are integral parts of the university's academic calendar. That aims to relieve the students from the academic workload.
The Registrar of UG further added, "We not only organize sports activities inside the university but also provide platforms and opportunities for our talented students to participate in activities."
Second, they should go outside of the institution to show their skills and talent at a local and national level.
The Registrar of UG admired the efforts of Mr. Saghir Naseem, the director of sports, and his team for the annual sports week that is professionally organized.
Male and female students of the University of Gwadar have participated in different indoor and outdoor games, including cricket, football, beach soccer, beach volleyball, roof pulling, table tennis, and other local and national games.

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