Students of the Management Sciences and Commerce Department organized an awareness program on the challenges of mental health.

  • 22 Nov, 2023

Students of the University of Gwadar, Department of Management Sciences and Commerce conducted an awareness program on mental health Challenges on November 22, 2023, in the Main Seminar Hall of the University of Gwadar.

The Students of the Department of Management Sciences and Commerce hosted an impactful awareness program on mental health challenges. The highlight of the event was a session featuring a distinguished guest speaker, Dr. Faroque, the District Surveillance Officer in the Department of Health Balochistan and a renowned expert in the field of mental health.

The main objective of the session focused on mental health challenges, and remedies faced specifically by students. The session also highlighted the social evils that cause anxiety and depression.

The Guest Speaker shared expertise, practical knowledge, and guidance on understanding and coping with mental health issues. He delivered a comprehensive presentation covering various aspects of mental health challenges. The presentation included information on common mental health disorders, their prevalence, and the importance of early detection and intervention.

The session included an interactive question-and-answer segment, allowing students to engage directly with guest Speakers. This facilitated a dynamic exchange of information and addressed specific queries from the audience.

The session witnessed active participation from students, faculty, and staff. The Registrar of the University of Gwadar was present on the occasion. In the end, Mr. Fida Hussain the HoD of Management Sciences presented a commemorative shield to the distinguished guest on behalf of the worthy Vice Chancellor UG Prof. Abdul Razzaq Sabir. The session was moderated by Amina Abdul Karim student of the Management Sciences department.

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