Gwadar University secured first position in poster poster-making competition organized by NAB held at SBKWU.

  • 07 Nov, 2023

The Provincial Poster Making Competition, a prestigious event organized by the NAB (National Accountability Bureau), Balochistan held at Sardar Bahadur Khan Women's University Quetta, brought together artists and visionaries from across the province, culminating in a spectacular display of artistry and creativity. Students of different universities from all over Balochistan actively participated in these competitions. The main purpose of these competitions was to raise awareness among students against corruption. The students expressed their feelings against corruption in the form of colors on the canvas through the artworks they created. Mr. Adil Abdul Haq emerged victorious, capturing the hearts and minds of both judges and spectators.

Mr. Adil's winning entry delivered a powerful and poignant message, combining visual impact with a compelling narrative that deeply resonated with the panel of judges and the general audience. His artistic work not only stood out but also showcased the potential of art to inspire social change and awareness.

As the University of Gwadar continues its tradition of academic and artistic excellence, the institution remains dedicated to providing resources and opportunities for talented individuals to further develop their skills and make a lasting impact in their chosen fields.

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Gwadar, Prof. Dr. Abdul Razzaq Sabir, is pleased to extend his warmest congratulations to the focal person, Ms. Sadia Nasir, and all participants, particularly Mr. Adil Abdul Haq, a student of the Computer Science Department at UG, for securing the first position in the triumphant Provincial Poster Making Competition.

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