One-day Seminar on the title "Reconciliation in Balochistan" held at the University of Gwadar.

  • 09 Mar, 2023

One-day Seminar on the title "Reconciliation in Balochistan: Addressing the Grievances of Baloch" was held by the University of Gwadar at the seminar hall of the university of Gwadar.

The keynote speakers and the panelists of the seminar included the Worthy Vice Chancellor University of Gwadar Prof. Dr. Abdul Razaq Sabir (TI), prominent politicians Mir Ashraf Hussain, Abid Rahim Sohrabi, Khuda Ali, Additional Deputy Commissioner (G) Zakir Ali, Social Activist & President RCDC Gwadar Nasir Rahim Sohrabi, Moderator of the panel discussion was Registrar Dolat Khan and Director Students Affairs Madam Sadia Naseer.

Worthy Vice-CHANCELLOR of the University of Gwadar, Prof. Dr. Abdul Razzaq Sabir expressed his views and said that  “Universities around the world are sources of knowledge. Universities are the seat of learning and change in the nation's discourse happen in universities. The University of Gwadar will be an instrument of change in the region. Wherever economic and political problems arise around the world, universities are approached for their proper solution and these problems are solved and remedied only by educational and research institutions. The purpose of organizing such conferences is to create awareness among students and to promote academic development and research.

Mir Ashraf Hussain, a senior political leader of the National Party, in his keynote speech narrated the historical background of Balochistan and the conflict in this region. He said that Pakistan is a postcolonial country and we still suffer from the colonial baggage which we carry today. He, however, provided a list of actionable suggestions for the reconciliation process which include historical corrections, economic development Balochistan and political freedom, and fair and transparent elections in Balochistan.


Senior political leader Abid Rahim Sohrabi said in his address that the state's goodwill is essential in Balochistan's reconciliation process. he said a round table conference should be held for Balochistan's reconciliation process to which all stakeholders should be invited.

The political leader of the Balochistan National Party, Kahuda Ali, said that such conferences in educational institutions provide awareness and growth among students. Institutions should come forward for a reconciliation process with the Baloch people. Social Activist President RCD Council Gwadar Nasir Rahim Sohrabi said in his address that the current Political parties for their public communication to negotiate on Baloch national issues Need to organize.

Additional Deputy Commissioner Gwadar Zakir Ali while delivering the concluding remarks said that as a nation we have to come to the field of knowledge and awareness to come towards national reconciliation.

After the panel discussion, a question-answer session was also conducted where the panelist answered the question asked by the Students and Faculty of the University of Gwadar.

In the end, the Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Abdul Razzaq Saber presented the commemorative shields of the university to the distinguished guests and thanked t

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