The University of Gwadar and RCD Council Gwadar jointly organized an interactive session on "Economic and Social Reforms".

  • 30 Dec, 2023


Distinguished Economist and Vice Chancellor of PIDE Dr. Nadeem ul Haq was the special guest of the session. University of Gwadar Pro Vice Chancellor Prof Dr. Syed Manzoor Ahmed, Pro Vice Chancellor PIDE Dr. Durre Nayab, and staff economist, Dr. Ahmed Waqar Qasim, were also present in the Session.

Dr. Nadeem ul Haq said that the development of any country depends not only on its sustainable economic performance but also on its social growth. will have positive effects. No policy or efforts are being made to bring reforms and the country's economy is entirely dependent on foreign loans. He said that if we have to compete with the world, we as a country cannot compete with the rest of the world with a broken society and economy. We need to fix multiple things to put the economy in order. He said that in Gwadar ample opportunities are available to sustain the economy, but it is not being used, and that is why social growth is not taking place in Gwadar.

He further said that if China or and countries are developing in in our region, the reason being competition and merit, as well as implementing numerous reforms. Citing the examples of China, he said that economic growth is maintained because merit is given priority, but in our country, instead of merit, positions are given to close friends and relatives, as a result of which our economy is not progressing. He said that political stability is necessary to make the country's economy sustainable, but with the current power structure, Pakistan can hardly bring any meaningful economic and social change. He said that to make the country's economy sustainable, there is a need to increase productivity, for which reforms are needed. We have to learn from the rest of the world. Without reforms, we cannot compete with the rest of the world. RCDC Gwadar Patron in chief Khuda Bakhsh Hashim, President Nasir Rahim Sohrabi, Vice President Behram Baloch, and People from different walks of life participated in the session.

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