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China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is part of the One Belt, One Road project and has created a tremendous amount of interest among policymakers, scholars as well as for Chinese industries and investors wishing to invest in Pakistan and Pakistani firms desiring increased relations in China through CPEC framework for investment opportunities, exchanges of technology and skills kit and knowledge diffusion. Gwadar being the gateway of CPEC will host the bulk of CPEC-related economic, commercial, and entrepreneurial activities take place. As the only university in Gwadar, the University of Gwadar was keen on developing a Center for CPEC Studies to promote collaborative research, explore business avenues, and exchange ideas between China and Pakistan, and other stakeholders of CPEC projects. The Center is named “CPEC Studies the Centre University of Gwadar”.
Commencing activities under CPEC has resulted in business interest from China and Pakistan. However, many issues hinder in the smooth operations of the business and other joint ventures under the CPEC umbrella. The University of Gwadar is actively interested in developing and disseminating knowledge relating to economic, management, social and cultural issues surrounding CPEC through the CPEC Study Centre. The Centre would like to help Chinese businesses become familiar with the business, cultural and legal environment in Pakistan and help Pakistani businesses gain knowledge of Chinese culture, business norms, and legal frameworks. The Centre conducts research and meets of its intended objectives through executive education and training.
CPEC Study Centre will be a leading policy guiding Think‐Tank and research center for the effective implementation of the CPEC portfolio. The mandate of the Centre is to conduct core research on CPEC, to promote a true narrative of CPEC, to guide implementers of CPEC on policy matters, and to train the business community on CPEC-related business opportunities. The Centre will share its research with all potential stakeholders and concerned agencies, and enhance awareness about this mega initiative and encourage researchers to contribute towards research on CPEC-related activities.
The Centre will launch a Quarterly, publishing updates and analyses on CPEC-related areas, besides holding conferences, seminars, and roundtables to formulate recommendations for policy-making government departments and other organizations and industries. The Centre will also liaison through and coordinate all major collaborations between the University of Gwadar and the universities, HEIs, and research institutes in China. Therefore, establishing the CPEC Study Center at the University of Gwadar is an important step and would have a significant and positive impact on CPEC-related research and policy recommendations. It will provide a base to learn not only Chinese society but a window of opportunity to take advantage of this platform via developing research collaborations with Chinese Universities.


Strengthen the economic, social, and geopolitical cooperation between China and Pakistan


To build up strategic cooperation between China and Pakistan, specifically in the areas of business & economics, and geopolitics. Promotion of CPEC as a game-changing project not only for Pakistan and China but also for the other neighboring countries.


1. Study the geo-strategic and geo-economic dimensions of the Chinese Belt and Road initiative and CPEC to understand their long-term impact on Pakistan.
2. Develop mechanisms to fully exploit the opportunities arising out of China’s appetite for global talent and facilitate the absorption of their graduates by the Pakistani economy.
3. Support higher education institutions (HEIs) in the development of human resources to implement the CPEC Long-Term Plan. 4. Develop the capacity of universities for providing policy inputs to the government(s) on the challenges emerging in the wake of the implementation of the CPEC Long Term Plan.
5. Develop an understanding of Chinese history, culture, and governance system that has created the Chinese miracle, while drawing lessons for your own development.
6. Promote/coordinate CPEC-focused research.
7. Act as a regional hub for planned China Pakistan Higher Education Research Institute.
8. Study Chinese history and civilization.
9. Promote Chinese culture and augment the harmony and people-to-people contact among the people of Pakistan and China.
Objectives will be achieved through organizing national/international conferences, seminars and workshops, project-based research, publications, exchange programs, Chinese history & language classes, research grants, and various cultural events.


Prof. Dr. Syed Manzoor Ahmed

Ph.D in Political Economy ( Durham University, UK)

Acting Dean

Prof. Dr. Jan Mohammad
Acting Dean
Faculty of Management Sciences, Commerce & Social Sciences

PHD (Karachi University, PK)

Lecturer History and Incharge (CPEC) study center

Mr. Naveed Razzaq

Ph.D in History (Quaid-i-Azam University, PK) in-progress

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