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Department of Management Science


The Department of Management Sciences at the University of Gwadar Campus serves a vital role in developing business leaders and fostering economic growth in the region. Established in 2017, the department offers a four-year BBA degree with specializations in Finance, Human Resource Management, and Marketing. Our distinguished faculty have completed advanced degrees from premier institutions in Pakistan and abroad. Their expertise allows them to provide a rigorous business education grounded in both theory and real-world application. Beyond core academics, the department emphasizes experiential learning. Students organize business events, participate in competitions, complete internships at leading companies, and visit organizations to gain practical skills. These opportunities prepare students to meet the complex challenges of today's business landscape. With massive development projects underway, including the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, there is a growing need for skilled management professionals in the region. By combining a strong educational foundation with hands-on experiences, we empower students to take advantage of these opportunities and become leaders in business, government, and society.

Objective of the department

• Prepare students for management and leadership roles, equipping them with expertise in key functions such as finance, marketing, and human resources.
• Foster an entrepreneurial mindset and provide guidance to help students launch their own ventures.
• Cultivate analytical and problem-solving skills using case studies, projects, and other interactive methods.
• Develop communication, teamwork, and interpersonal abilities required in today's collaborative work environment.
• Provide career counselling and connect students with internship and job opportunities relevant to their interests.
• Promote business ethics, corporate social responsibility, and the importance of considering societal impact.
• Expand research capabilities in business disciplines and engage with industry to address real-world problems.
• Strengthen networks with alumni, employers, and the community to continue advancing the department's mission.

Admission Criteria

• Students with F.A/F.Sc or Equivalent degree with at least 45% marks is eligible to apply.
• Admissions are granted on the basis of an aptitude test.
• Minimum Qualifying Marks in the entrance test is 50% (Fifty percent)

Fee Structure
Sr. No Detail of Charges Amount
1 Admission Fee (One-time fee) 2,000
2 Tuition Fee 7,500
3 Security Money Refundable (Onetime fee) 2,000
4 Examination fee 250
5 Identity Card 200
6 Lab fee 500
7 Sports Fee 250
8 Transport Fee per semester 250
9 Library Fee 250
10 Total (First Semester Fee) 13,200
Fee per semester from 2nd to 8th 9,200

Semester Wise Study Plan of BBA

Tentative course offering plan for BBA degree offered for Spring 2022 is given below in a semester wise format.

1st Semester (Credit Hours-18)
Course Code Course Title Credit hours
ENG-301 Functional English 3
ICT-301 Introduction to Computer 3
MAT-301 Business Mathematics 3
ACT-301 Introduction to Accounting 3
ITB-301 Introduction to Business 3
MGT-301 Principle of Management 3
2nd Semester (Credit Hours-18)
Course Code Course Title Credit hours
PIS-S301 Pak & Islamic Studies 3
ACC-302 Financial Accounting 3
MGT-303 Self-Management Skills 3
ECO-301 Microeconomics 3
BC-301 Business Communication (Written) 3
BS-302 Business Statistics 3
3rd Semester (Credit Hours-18)
Course Code Course Title Credit hours
ECO-401 Macroeconomics 3
BS-302 Business Communication (Oral) 3
SOC-302 Introduction to Sociology 3
MKT-301 Principle of Marketing 3
BSF-301 Business Finance 3
STI-401 Statistical Inference 3
4th Semester (Credit Hours-18)
Course Code Course Title Credit hours
ACT-401 Cost Accounting ACT-301 3
BAN-301 Money and Banking 3
LAW-301 Business & Corporate Law 3
FIN-401 Financial Management 3
MKT-401 Marketing Management 3
ORB-301 Organizational Behavior 3
5th Semester (Credit Hours-18)
Course Code Course Title Credit hours
BRM-501 Business Research Methods 3
HRM-302 Human Resource 3
ACT-501 Managerial Accounting 3
ECO-403 Economies of Developing Countries 3
CSRB-401 Corporate Social 3
MIS-401 Management Information System 3
6th Semester (Credit Hours-15)
Course Code Course Title Credit hours
MGT-401 Total Quality Management 3
ACT-502 Auditing and Taxation 3
FIN-501 Financial Markets and Institutions 3
MKT-501 Consumer Behavior 3
IB-402 International Business 3
7th Semester (Credit Hours-15)
Course Code Course Title Credit hours
ENT-501 Entrepreneurship 3
MGT-502 Production and Operation Management 3
Elective I 3
Elective II 3
8th Semester (Credit Hours-15)
Course Code Course Title Credit hours
MGT-605 Strategic Management 3
BIN-501 Islamic Banking and Finance 3
BRM-601 Research Project/ Internship 3
Elective III 3
Elective III 3


Prof. Dr. Jan Mohammad
Acting Dean
Faculty of Management Sciences, Commerce & Social Sciences

PHD (Karachi University, PK)


Mr. Fida Hussaing
Acting Chairperson
Department of Management Science

MBA in Management Sciences ( Bangor University, UK)


  •     Mr. Muhammad Irshad
    Ph.D in Management Science ( IoBM Karachi, PK) In-Progress
  •     Mr. Saghir Naseem
    MS in Management Science ( ZBIST Karachi, PK)
  •     Mr. Ubaid Ali
    MS in Management Sceince (MAJU Karachi, PK)
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