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The Department of Education emerged to offer the quality of Education in the Region of Gwadar, Balochistan. It initiated monitoring necessary changes in teaching methodology in the educational field. It promotes excellence in graduate through academic and research and creating a conducive learning environment. It also conducts, encourages and disseminates research in teaching and learning contexts. The Department aims to provide strategic directions to the educational landscape in the country with a long-term vision to develop robust networks across the region. The degree also offers contemporary coursework, exposure to the latest learning technologies, and the integration of theory and practices. It develops a passion for teaching in young minds with plenty of hands-on teaching opportunities and exposes lived experiences of a teacher both inside and outside the classrooms. The Department believes in different assessment strategies to enrich diverse leadership skills in teaching to become educational leaders and transform the education system. Currently, the Department total number of enrollment is 107 in four batches of B.Ed(Hons) And we see a great intake of students from Gwadar and surrounding locals who take an interest in the Department due to its standard and scope. The Department of Education started its journey in 2017, and from 1st batch, 14 students passed out. The Department of Education is always pleased to provide the best of its input and create healthy outcomes as human resources.

Objective of the department

The main objectives of the program are to:
• Upgrade and advance content knowledge of the practicing teachers.
• Facilitate practicing teachers to be in a competitive position for career progression.
• Enhance pedagogical skills and knowledge of the practicing teachers at elementary level.
• Equip practicing teachers with essential professional skills and competencies.

Admission Criteria

• At least 45% in Intermediate or equivalent
• Admissions are granted on the basis of an aptitude test.
• Minimum Qualifying Marks in the entrance test is 50% (Fifty percent)

Fee Structure
Sr. No Detail of Charges Amount
1 Admission Fee (One-time fee) 2,000
2 Tuition Fee 7,500
3 Security Money Refundable (Onetime fee) 2,000
4 Examination fee 250
5 Identity Card 200
6 Lab fee 500
7 Sports Fee 500
8 Transport Fee per semester 250
9 Library Fee 250
10 Total (First Semester Fee) 13,200
Fee per semester from 2nd to 8th 9,200

Semester Wise Study Plan of B.Ed (Hons)

Tentative course offering plan for B.Ed (Hons) degree offered for Spring 2022 is given below in a semester wise format.

1st Semester (Credit Hours-17)
Course Code Course Title Credit hours
ENG-101 Functional English-I 3
IS-103 Islamic Studies/Ethics 2
CD-105 Child Development 3
URD-107 Urdu/Regional languages 3
GS-109 General Science 3
GMT-111 General Methods of Teaching 3
2nd Semester (Credit Hours-18)
Course Code Course Title Credit hours
ENG-102 English-II (Communication Skills) 3
CL-104 Computer Literacy 2
CM-106 Class Room Management 3
GM-108 General Mathematics 3
PS-110 Pakistan Studies 2
MTIS-112 Methods of Teaching Islamic Studies 3
3rd Semester (Credit Hours-18)
Course Code Course Title Credit hours
TLS-201 Teaching Literacy Skills 3
ACC-203 Art, Crafts and Calligraphy 2
TURL-205 Teaching of Urdu/Regional languages 3
TGS-207 Teaching of General Science 3
ICT-209 Instructional and Communication Technology in Education 2
TP-211 Teaching Practice (Short Term) 3
4th Semester (Credit Hours-18)
Course Code Course Title Credit hours
CA-202 Class Room Assessment 3
TENG-204 Teaching of English 3
TM-206 Teaching of Mathematics 3
AUD-301 Principles Of Auditing 3
SCT-208 School, Community & Teacher 3
TSS-210 Teaching of Social Studies 2
TP-212 Teaching Practice 3
5th Semester (Credit Hours-18)
Course Code Course Title Credit hours
ENG-301 English-III (Technical Writing & Presentation Skills) 3
FEDU-303 Foundation of Education 3
CC-305 Contented Course-I (Discipline-I) 3
CC-307 Content Course-I (Discipline-II) 3
CRD-309 Curriculum Development 3
EDUP-311 Educational Psychology 3
6th Semester (Credit Hours-18)
Course Code Course Title Credit hours
CITE-302 Contemporary issues & Trends in Education 3
CC-304 Content Course-II (Discipline-I) 3
CC-306 Content Course-II (Discipline-II) 3
CEDU-308 Comparative Education 3
IGC-310 Introduction to Guidance and Counselling 3
7th Semester (Credit Hours-15)
Course Code Course Title Credit hours
CC-401 Content Course-III (Discipline-I) 3
CC-403 Content Course-III (Discipline-II) 3
PEDA-405 Pedagogy-I (Specialization-I) 3
PEDA-407 Pedagogy-II (Specialization-II) 3
RME-409 Research Methods in Education 3
TP-411 Teaching Practice (Short Term) 3
8th Semester (Credit Hours-15)
Course Code Course Title Credit hours
SM-402 School Management 3
TDE-404 Test Development and Evaluation 3
TP-406 Teaching Practice (Long Term) 6
RP-408 Research Project 3


Prof. Dr. Jan Mohammad
Acting Dean
Faculty of Management Sciences, Commerce & Social Sciences

PhD (Karachi University, PK)


Ms. Shah Naz Noor
Acting Chairperson
Department of Education

Ph.D in Education (Iqra University Karachi, PK) In-Progress


  •     Ms. Rabia
    PhD ( SZABIST Islamabad)
  •     Mr. Mukhtar Bashir
    M.Phil in Education ( Iqra University Karachi, PK)
  •     Ms. Sadia Naseer
    M.Phil in Education (AKUED Karachi, PK)
  •     Ms. Dur Jan
    PhD in Education (Iqra University Karachi, PK) In Progress
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