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Prof. Dr. Abdul Razzaq Sabir (TI) took over the charge as first vice chancellor of University of Gwadar on 29th October 2021. The core team including Faculty Members, Teaching Assistant, Visiting Faculty and supportive administrative staff of Commerce department is giving their best efforts for making it a center of excellence especially in the field of Accountancy, Banking, Finance, Auditing and Taxation, Trade and entrepreneurship in the entire region as well as bring a very positive impact by preparing the youth for coming challenges and providing the best human resources to the region, province and the country. Department of Commerce, apart from academic activities, involves students in various extra curriculum activities in the shape of Business Plan Competition, Business Gala, Sports week, Entrepreneurship competition, COM-DAY and so many informative workshops / seminars regarding business as part of its annual programs. Students from different batches are also involves in various outdoor activities with district sports clubs, chamber of commerce as well as different annual visits of Banks, small and medium Industries, local organizations to learn the practical working environment of the organizations.

Objective of the department

• To create a very competitive learning environment in which students can get maximum benefit by sharing their knowledge, wisdom and experiences from two way communication regarding business organizations in the region.
• To work with the youth of region and provide countless opportunities in corporate sector by introducing wide-ranging subjects along with practical knowledge.
• To prepare the energetic youth of the region and make them capable to meet the demand of skilled, professional and experienced human resource market for future.
• To identify and fill the gap of corporate as well as public and private sector organizations in terms of professional including Accountant, Finance Analyst, Auditors, Banking Executives, Economic Analyst, Trade and Logistic Managers and so other exciting job opportunities waiting to be filled by the competent professionals.
• To build the capacity of youth of the region in terms of critical thinking, analytical skills, problem solving abilities and practical aspects by introducing with real life situations, role playing activities, teamwork challenges as part of their academic career in different degree programs.

Admission Criteria

• At least 45% in Intermediate or equivalent
• Admissions are granted on the basis of an aptitude test.
• Minimum Qualifying Marks in the entrance test is 50% (Fifty percent)

Fee Structure
Sr. No Detail of Charges Amount
1 Admission Fee (One-time fee) 1,500
2 Tuition Fee 6,500
3 Security Money Refundable (Onetime fee) 2,000
4 Examination fee 250
5 Identity Card 200
6 Lab fee 2,000
7 Sports Fee 250
8 Transport Fee per semester 250
9 Library Fee 250
10 Total (First Semester Fee) 13,200
Fee per semester from 2nd to 8th 9,200

Semester Wise Study Plan of BS (Commerce)

Tentative course offering plan for BS (Commerce) degree offered for Spring 2022 is given below in a semester wise format.

1st Semester (Credit Hours-18)
Course Code Course Title Credit hours
COM-301 Islamic & Pak Studies 3
ENG-301 Functional English 3
MAT-301 Business Math 3
MAN-301 Introduction To Business 3
ACT-301 Financial Accounting I 3
2nd Semester (Credit Hours-18)
Course Code Course Title Credit hours
MAN-302 Self-Management Skill 3
ENG-302 Business Communication 3
MAN-303 Principle Of Management 3
MAT-302 Business Statistic 3
ECO-301 Micro Economic 3
ACT-302 Financial Accounting II 3
3rd Semester (Credit Hours-18)
Course Code Course Title Credit hours
COM-302 Introduction To Psychology 3
ENG-303 Oral Communication 3
MAN-304 Principles of Marketing 3
LAW-301 Business Law 3
ECO-302 Macro-Economic 3
ACT-303 Advance Accounting 3
4th Semester (Credit Hours-18)
Course Code Course Title Credit hours
COM-303 Introduction To Sociology 3
BAN-301 Money And Banking 3
FIN-301 Intro. To Business Finance 3
AUD-301 Principles Of Auditing 3
ECO-303 Economy Of Pakistan 3
ACT-304 Cost Accounting 3
5th Semester (Credit Hours-18)
Course Code Course Title Credit hours
MAN-305 Business Ethics 3
MAN-306 Organizational Behavior 3
FIN-302 Financial Management 3
TEX-301 Business Taxation 3
MAN-307 Human Resource Mgt. 3
ACT-305 Advance Accounting – II 3
6th Semester (Credit Hours-18)
Course Code Course Title Credit hours
MAN-308 Entrepreneurship 3
LAW-302 Corporate Law 3
MAN-311 Business Research Methods 3
MAT-303 Inferential Statistics 3
MAN-309 International Business 3
ACT-306 Managerial Accounting 3
7th Semester (Credit Hours-15)
Course Code Course Title Credit hours
MAN-310 Corporate Governance 3
ECO-304 Managerial Economics 3
ITC-302 E-Commerce 3
Elective-1 3
Elective-2 3
8th Semester (Credit Hours-15)
Course Code Course Title Credit hours
MAN-312 Strategic Management 3
Elective-3 3
Elective-4 6
Elective-5 (Internship/Research Project) 3


Prof. Dr. Jan Mohammad
Acting Dean
Faculty of Management Sciences, Commerce & Social Sciences

PHD (Karachi University, PK)


Mr. Zain ul Abideen
Department of Commerce

MS in Finance ( IoBM Karachi, PK) In-Progress


  •     Dr. Kamber Farooq
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Commerce

    Ph.D in Financial and Accounting Studies (Xiamen University, China)

  •     Mr. Mujahid Hussain
    MS in Business Management ( IoBM Karachi, PK) In-Progress
  •     Mr. Shahnawaz
    M.Phil (KASBIT)
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